We rise by lifting others

Greetings to all readers !

Welcome to the first blog post of phase two of the Module four wherein I will be walking you through to my micro area which was finalised after extensive thought, research and analysing its practicality and viability.

I believe that designers must have a strong sense of social responsibility for design is a world which solves problems and makes lives easier by providing physical or sensory utility or is about concepts which uplift the society directly or indirectly.

After studying the market and the adjoining attractions , there were many spheres I wanted to intervene in to help resolve both chronic and simple problems or obstacles faced by the stakeholders.

What struck me the hardest was the plight of small vendors and hawkers who are struggling to earn their living deprived of resources, market know how and the courage to wander in risky ventures.

On interacting with the pedlars it came to light that their wives are unemployed and the family is down in the ditches for a single earning member can not feed families of five and more. Green Park Market sustains many such men and would welcome with open arms – the women who wish to stand on their own feet.

According to my idea, a ‘mutualism symbiotic’ relationship exists between these poor women and the market community. To take the ideals of sustainability forward , the women will collect waste cloth (katrans) from the cloth houses , emporiums , tailors and boutiques in the market and use these to make accessories for the visitors of the area. This would give a facelift to the cut cloth pieces and add value to waste which is otherwise thrown away.

The accessories will be made using simple skills which most women would already be equipped with. To ensure smooth progress of their endeavours, they can be taught multiple ways and techniques to create fashionable , contemporary accessories according to the current market demand through multimedia presentations. This would ensure both effective and efficient results.

This is my first experience and opportunity as an aspiring designer to climb the first step of the soaring flight of creating a difference in the world. I hope to do justice to the same and learn from my mistakes through out the journey.

Keep reading to learn how the work progresses!


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