The learning charged package

Welcome back !

36 students , 7 strands and 7 expert tutors and 5 page long curriculum to abide by- module 4 sure is a learning charged package!

Similar to the three previous modules , module four’s curriculum too has been divided into our 6 strands- communication skills , design concepts , visual studies , material exploration, cultural studies and computer aided design(CAD)

Each strand and its expert tutor has a pre planned weekly set of activities and inputs which help us fulfil the aim of this module .

Design concept , our principal strand for the module gives us the basic guideline with which we have to take our project forward . Visual studies equip us with the skill to document what we see around us and capture the ambience and essence on paper while material exploration teaches us how to give a three dimensional structure to the same . Computer aided design classes help us create environments digitally which enable us to ideate, visualise and give from to our ideas with just a few simple techniques and clicks !

Communication skills on the other hand ensure that we document our journey and are able to share the same with keen readers , like yourself !

All strands have their own important part to play and without understanding the significance of either we will not be able to do justice to the expected learning

Coming up are more details on trips to the market and progress of the project !


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