Module Four- a new chapter with new learning

Greetings to all readers!

Last module was a great learning experience and I am mighty excited to share with you all what this module has in store for us.

Module Four , titled, ‘The Design Process’ is pretty much what the name suggests.

In phase one, we are required to step out of the four walls of the classroom and explore the macro area assigned to (we haver been assigned Green Park). From talking to the sellers and the buyers to sitting in a corner and observing the visual , social and product culture of the place- we are expected to document all that we see, hear and find. We undertake the mentioned activity in groups for more the minds more the output!

In phase two, once we have collected all data, we must analyse the information, draw inferences and identify a fair number of opportunity areas which form the basis of our micro research. These opportunity areas have to be studied to determine practical problems and thereby derive design solutions. The same has to ultimately take a tangible form using our material skills and be put into play by creating a digital environment.

The process is challenging but I am positive that the module will culminate in new learning.

Read On to know more about the visits to Green Park Market!!


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