First visit to our macro area- Green Park

Hello everybody!

Today I will walk you through the assigned macro area, Green Park. When we were informed about the area given to us, I could not contain my excitement! I have been living in Green Park since the past 11 years and always thought that there is nothing about this place that I would not know or wouldn’t have already experienced.And oh! Was I in for some surprise?

Green Park is a well-known colony in South Delhi, also known as the ‘lungs’ of Delhi because of the greenery and proximity to one of the longest green belts of the city- The Deer Park.

As a macro area of study there are various opportunity areas to browse in Green Park- from the main market with the hustle bustle of busy shoppers to the temples , gurudwara, masjids and the hawkers and pedlars selling all sorts of things from coal to fresh fruits and vegetables.

During our first visit to the market as a group, I realised I had never taken out time to notice all the various shops that stood in the marketplace. Having chosen a day when the market is shut (Tuesday), there was very little we could gather of what the place actually encompasses with respect to visual, social and product culture.

It was a dull visit, owing to the weather, closed shops and lack of briefing. However, we pushed ourselves to get some work done and penned down the names of the shops under broad categories.

All our observations revealed to me that I had never considered observing the market from this perspective.

There was little learning to take home but we were looking forward to the subsequent visit with our class coordinator for we knew there is great potential in the area to take it forward as our principal study.

Stay tuned for details on our second and more fruitful visit!


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