Design Interventions


We walked the streets for hours observing people, lifestyle, culture, we interacted with visitors, shopkeepers and did all that we could to imbibe and understand the ambience and the system of our macro area of study- given, the crunch of time and parameters of the module guide.

With our minds full of thoughts and ideas, we decided to reflect the same onto a big chart sheet in form of a mind map. Having all strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of the area on one medium we part our ways and carry forward our research as individuals. The pressure of work and limited time increases manifolds as now we are on our own to study and analyse problems and think of design solutions putting all that we have learnt this year into practice!

The following is, in brief, the proposition of some ideas that came to my mind to simplify lives of all the stakeholders in the market:

Meds to Home

On talking to the residents of Green Park and speaking with my own experience as an inmate of this place since 11 years, it has always been a task to order the medicine you need as its near impossible to dial the number of the chemist who has its stock in the first attempt.

What if an app could be developed which brings together all buyers and sellers of pharmaceuticals on one platform? This way you can order what you need with just one tap and have it delivered at your doorstep in less than thirty minutes.

This app will have never seen before features like dosage reminders, suggested tablets according to symptomatic treatment, provision to upload prescriptions and call nearby doctors!

Glass Seating

“Log off, shutdown, GO OUTSIDE!”

The outdoor seating culture has taken Delhi by storm. Wouldn’t it be great to bring the same concept to the Green park main market- specially when it is one of the greenest patches in the city? Breathe fresh air, enjoy the ambience as you hang out with friends and family. This seating concept has a glass overheard canopy to ensure you’re saved from the scorching heat of Delhi summers and heavy rains during July.


“Prevention is better than cure”

All international chains follow a standard of hygiene and sanitation. But can we say the same for local outlets? Green park is home for the popular sweet shop- Evergreen, Anand Bhavan, Madras Cafe and a lot many food outlets which are not following any prescribed sanitation standard.

To prevent falling sick after every dine-out trip to these places, a well designed sanitiser dispenser should be installed right outside the kitchen doors accessible to staff. Moreover, the people would prefer a sanitiser centre piece on the table over a dried and withering rose.

Delivery Van

“Luxury must be comfortable otherwise it is not luxury” has been wonderfully said by Coco Chanel.

Let us accentuate the already luxurious lifestyles of Green Park residents as we make everything available to them at their doorstep.

All members of the family are mostly working(revealed by a survey) and nothing could be better for them if the need to shop for daily requirements from the market is substituted by home delivery. They can order whatever they need from the market sitting at their offices and have it delivered home before they ring the bell.

I hope I am able to implement these ideas and bring a positive change in the system of the market. Read On to know more about my journey, learning and experiences this module!


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