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Visual Brainstorming

The fan
The Glue Gun Form
The Saplings of Life
The jute ball

Warm greetings !

Ideas are never a problem for our minds have capabilities to imagine and create marvels. However, a plethora of ideas sealed in the minds of people are of little value. It is important to sync our minds and our hands and doodle out our ideas as a first step to translating them into prototypes.

Here are a few doodles and sketches I will be taking forward as swatches in the coming week:

  1. Japanese Fan

Extracting the relief and texture of the fan and taking it forward by merging it with he concept of metro-compartment connect to create a folding wardrobe

2) The Glue Gun Form

Ikebana is based on Zen Philosophy. A very important teaching of the same is the combination of highs and lows in life. The blacks and silvers depict the mixture of happiness and hurdles. The eventual rise shows success while joining the form back to original level speaks of how one should always remember their roots and be grounded- however far they may go or however much they may have achieved.

The reason for considering this form as a trophy prototype is because the philosophy behind it is of life and success. Trophies are acknowledgments of a person’s hardwork and achievements and hence are all the more precious when they carry with them important teachings.

3)The Jute Ball

One of the essences I derived from Ikebana was ‘material manipulation to make the arrangement unique & beautiful’. The leaves have been cut and tied in a way to make it look like sparsely woven fabric. Extracting the same visually, I made the jute ball using fevicol, balloon, plastic sheet and jute. This shape and play of negative positive space can be utilised in designing a fountain with water spurring out of the opening between the threads (different material in case of a fountain).

4)The clock

Flowers come in all colours, all shapes, all sizes. However, Ikebana believes in selecting the colour which has meaning and relevance to the particular arrangement. Eg- purple is a colour of prosperity in fengshui and black and white neutral colours are used to highlight the other colours even more.

Hence taking the colours forward and spreading them in an abstract manner with relief texture (using tissue paper) can be used as background for a wall clock. Moreover, Color and time can be associated together beautifully. A balanced mixture of both makes life wonderful. In ikebana, the time during which one is practicing, it is a period of silence and reflection. 

6) The Saplings of Life

One of Ikebana’s important characteristics is manipulation of material. Example: creating holes in leaves , cutting leaves according to shape, twisting, painting etc.

In this case, the holes in the leaves have been aesthetically used to insert flower stalks. This concept has been used in creating the ‘Saplings of Life’. The asymmetric layer adds height to the prototype and gives it an interesting form. Colour green has been used because it symbolises prosperity and growth. The spiral further adds form to the piece. I take this prototype forward in form of a chandelier. The spiral lights hanging from asymmetrically arranged cubes with metallic texture would give it a modern designer appeal- making it a piece which is unique and relatively uncommon.

The above are a few ideas I doodled . All of them have a concept or philosophy to support the resulting prototype.

Stay tuned for more!


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