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Module Three- The Journey

As we stand mid-way through the module 3 and scrutinise the Aim and process for the nth time, I realise that I make more of the complex instructions than I did last time.

Long journey cut short, the main aim of the module is to stimulate creative thinking and apply analytical approach to extract the essence of design inspirations. By the end of the module, we should be able to present our ideas in a tangible form- using visual and material skills.

The categories we were asked to select our topic from are:

Folk and tribal art: Art produced from an indigenous culture. Folk art is primarily utilitarian rather than purely aesthetic.

Design movements are campaigns or periods promoting particular style of art and design. They visually emerge as movements to break conformity in regular thinking and believes. 

After rigorous and methodical research, site visits and contemplation, the three topics  I shortlisted are:

Papier Mache



My fascination and ardent desire to learn more about Ikebana was the primary reason governing my final choice.

Moreover, Ikebana is not merely a flower arrangement, it is a way of life for those who practice it, for it teaches them tolerance and the beauty of silence while it also connects humanity to nature. Apart from the beauty, philosophy and rich culture that comes with Ikebana, a very personal reason of selecting it for my project is that I come from an institution which is run by the teaching of my Guru who spoke very high of the discipline in art and in life of the Japanese people and artists. The philosophy and beauty with which Ikebana is done is taught in the headquarters of my institution in Auroville. I am very keen to learn more about it and revive this meaningful art in any small way I can. 


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