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Inspiration – the first step to creation

ins-boardHello !

In this blog I will be talking about the elements of my inspiration board and the essence I derive from it. When we were asked by our faculty to create an inspiration board I was quite lost. I realised that even though there were various reasons for me to select Ikebana as my topic and also several ideas I had in mind to take it forward, it was very important for me to put it in one place to give a direction and lucidity to my project. The first thing I decided to do was to understand the meaning of ‘inspiration’. It is a strong word indeed. Inspiration stimulates the mind to think and personally, my lazy-self to be motivated enough to work and to create.

Here is, in brief, all the elements of my inspiration board:

  1. Graceful Lines and forms: Ikebana lays great emphasis on direction and size of lines (formed using stalks, barks, blooms and more) and how they create interesting forms and structures. Having studied the elements of design it can be said that every aesthetic arrangement is constituted of well-thought of basic elements like mentioned.
  2. Zen philosophy: I personally search for meaning behind every art, craft and design. The fact that Ikebana was governed by teachings of Buddha further enticed me to take it up as my final choice.
  3. Gauri and Nainika and Ralph and Russo: Two of my favourite designer pairs consider designs inspired by flora and fauna and resembling Ikebana their primary choice for the seasons’ collections. This gave me an opportunity to study their works and hence was one of the reasons for considering Ikebana as my inspiration
  4. Auroville: This is the place from where the philosophy of my institution(the faith I have grown up with) comes from and where Ikebana is practiced by many in India.
  5. Qualities like Discipline, Appreciation and Silence: Ikebana is more than just a skilful art form. For those who practice it, it is like meditation , helping them imbibe significant qualities.

Along with the reasons that led me to finalising Ikebana as my choice, The following is the essence I derive from the topic and the elements I would like to take forward:

  1. Importance to Subordinate: In most flower arrangements around the world, flowers and blooms are given maximum importance and leaves, stalks and barks are often considered throw-aways. However, Ikebana emphasises on use of these elements and highlights them over blooms.
  2. Minimalism: Simplicity is Sophistication.  We often feel that in order to make something look complete and beautiful it must have multifarious elements to it. However, minimalistic Ikebana speaks elegance and grace like nothing else.
  3. Manipulation of material to make it unique and interesting: Innovative thinking like creating holes and shaping leaves, adding paint to natural elements to support philosophy and meaning etc. is the primary characteristic of Ikebana that I would be taking forward.

Just like all crafts, art and design of the world there are infinite take-aways and inspirations that can be drawn from Ikebana. However, to ensure focus on a few and to produce desired result in limited time, I must thoroughly study and stick to the above mentioned elements. As an aspiring designer, I seek to extract from Ikebana its wonderful essence and create something new and unique- given my individual perception , creativity and understanding and utilising the same to its best.

Stay tuned for more updates on my journey this module!


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