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Neil Armstrong once said , “Research is creating new knowledge”. I hopped on to the train of knowledge and began with my research on Ikebana, exploiting various search engines, books and speaking with Ikebana practitioners.

Ikebana (“arranging flowers”) is the Japanese art of flower arrangement, also known as Kado (“the way of flowers”)

So here is some snackable 

  • It is a disciplined art form in which nature and humanity are brought together.
  • Contrary to the idea of a particoloured or multicoloured arrangement of blossoms, it emphasises on other areas such as stems, leaves and puts emphasis on shape, line and form.
  • It is an expression of creativity but has certain rules to govern its form. Artist’s intention is shown through colours, lines, shapes and implied meaning.
  • Ikebana has important spiritual and philosophical (Zen) connotations. It teaches one to appreciate beauty in all its forms and to practice silence and tolerance towards life.

Ikebana has much greater meaning in comparison to the little space the arrangement occupies. It contains in itself a world of discipline, skill, beauty and spirituality waiting to be explored.

Ref: en.wikipedia.org, last modified on 1 January 2017, at 13:59.

[Shimbo,S.(2007).Living Now: The ten virtues of Ikebana. Sep-Dec]


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