Understanding Creativity

Art, Craft, Design- The three not-so-synonymous terms every creative person must understand

Warm greetings to all readers!

Before I entered into the world of design, I used to pass by the world’s most resplendent creations, hold in my hand the finest specimens and interact with towering personalities without truly understanding or internalising the true essence of what I saw or experienced.

Similar is the story of my tryst with the not-so-synonymous three words- ART, CRAFT AND DESIGN.

Art, its is a world of its own, which I believe can not be deciphered or explained through words. it doesn’t always have a meaning to its on-lookers but it is often created by a mind and a heart dwelling in unfathomable depth. Art can be appreciated in all its forms- whether with a purpose or without.

In my perspective, craft is a broad term referring to various techniques and skills which help mould various articles- made by hand and tools.

Design, in my opinion, is a language spoken through not merely words, but actions, visuals and all there is in life. One designs to simplify in a manner that appeals to the sensibilities of creators and users alike. It has a solution for every problem.

It took me nineteen years to put my capabilities to the use they are designed for- it takes many a lifetime. So friends, take out time to observe, appreciate before you seek to create!


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